Winterizing a chicken coop

The time has come! Fall is here; pumpkin is everywhere in everything. And with all these changes comes that cold weather, so our chicken coop needs some winterizing!

Here is what it looks like now.

We are going to change the way the nesting boxes are. We think that with the A frame style of the roof, the girls are having a hard time getting into the built-in nesting boxes.
We started with adding a floor to prevent mice and other rodents from building nests inside the coop.
We constructed the new nesting box on the back 24 X 12 X 12 X 14 so that the roof is angled to prevent water damage. Making sure to paint the complete inside and outside for ease of cleaning.

Adding the hole in the back of the coop for the nest entrance may seem complicated, but we used a circular saw. Placing the saw in the middle of the line to cut helped to make sure I didn’t cut past the size of the hole we wanted to make.

The last thing we did to winterize was put a piece of sack (from a seed bag) over the window to prevent drafts. dsc07126
Now our girls will be happy and dry this winter!

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