Ever been eyeballed by a chicken??

I have heard people say “birds give me the heebie jeebies“, that they have been chased by geese or swans (who can be mean; I will give you that), or that bird eyes are creepy. I have witnessed the personalities of my chickens blossoming, and their eyes- to me anyway- show off their intelligence.

My girls know when a predator (especially the hawk) is lurking, and I rush outside to see what the problem is when they make the “alert” call. I think my day job now is chasing feral cats off my property!

That intelligence also has shown through when it comes to their eggs.

My ladies, toward the end of January, finally started showing the signs of laying eggs. For those who don’t know chickens or just started their flock, these are the signs to look for:

  • The comb (skin on top of their head) becomes a deeper red. Left picture is before laying eggs. Right picture is currently laying eggs.
  • They squat with their wings out which is hilarious the first time they do!
     (This is Betty with her wings up)
  • One chicken will disappear for a while from the rest of the group.

So once my girls showed The Signs, I became the chicken stalker.  I walk around the entire inside of the house, peeking out windows keeping tabs on where my chickens are. They do see me through the windows, which is quite funny because they think I’m going to come out bearing treats.

FINALLY, the day came, and Betty went off to the coop by herself.

That morning while eating a bowl of cereal, I plopped on a kitchen stool to stare out the window, like the chicken stalker I am, and wait. And wait. And wait for Betty to come out. When she emerged victorious from her first egg laying, I ran out and snatched her egg.

The next few days/weeks, as eggs were more consistent, I would still watch for the girls to go into the coop and come out. A few times I have been spotted getting the eggs out of the nesting box, and the girls (especially the one who just laid the egg) looked at me with DISGUST!  “Why are you taking my egg?!?” I could read it in her eyes! They follow me around the coop and watch me pocket their eggs with a mortified look on their feathery faces. “Alas, this is what you are here for,” I tell them.

So in conclusion, from my experience, it is their intelligent eyes that creep people out!



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