Weaving 101- Beginning a new chapter of craft

With some new babies on the way, one being my own, I’ve been feeling quite crafty! About 2 years ago my Super-Crafty grandma traded two bags that she created for a 4 heddle loom. After she had the loom for a few weeks, she informed me that I would be receiving this machine!

She hasn’t been able to work on her loom in over a year, so my time has come. ¬†One weekend I spent about 15 hours, trying out the next addition to my fiber crafting. The best part was the loom was already prepped (warped) for weaving.

When using a loom, warping takes the most time and preparation in the process. Having a table top tape loom that I use for reenacting the Revolutionary War, has giving me a little experience warping.

You have to keep all the strands of thread under tension which can be tricky when putting thread through all the components of the loom.

So for this trip to grandma’s house, I was practicing different weaving patterns in towels to see what I liked. I also tried out two different fiber combinations, one in linen and one in cotton. The linen didn’t create as tight a weave (even when doubling the thread), however, this can be beneficial for absorbing more liquid. I finished two towels in linen, and started a third towel in cotton. The cotton pattern was looking great. I also doubled up the turquoise to thicken the pattern a little.

I look forward to getting the loom moved to my house! And I semi-look forward to warping my first project on that loom.

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