Washing baby: four hidden areas first time moms might miss

I am a new mom. I’m not going to lie by telling you “I read all the books!” I certainly did not.
I asked friends and family questions, and dabbled a bit in the written word.

So imagine my shock, more like embarrassed shock, when I was nursing my son and smelled that cheesy, spoiled milk smell.
I had given him a bath a day or two before, but there it was that smell.

Area number 1: Double chin- The illusive chin skin fold above the neck.
This area was not known to me until my baby gained some baby fat. I wash his neck and the top of his chest when he spits up, but boy howdy did I miss that little tuck of skin. Upon the satisfaction of a nursing session, my son lifted his head back with a purse of his lips, and there it was. Nasty old milk. Of course I promptly cleaned him up, but beware new moms, it may be a fold you don’t realize existed.

Area number 2: When mom says did you wash behind your ears, she meant it literally.
Another nursing discovery, turning his ear down and finding dirt. This is not an area that I see often since I get sucked into those eyes every time. When the vortex of his eyes are closed though, I manage to look at more of him. My husband and I were talking about who my son looks like more. I proudly proclaim “He has your ears!” and lo and behold, the dirt behind those cute little ears. Area number two checked off my “to clean” list.

Area number 3: The armpit, a burden to women everywhere that want a hairless bod, and a burden to babies who manage to get waxy, cheesy build up.
They say once your baby gets older, around 2-3 months, the babe only needs a bath about 3 times a week, well armpits need washing more frequently. And boy does my son HATE me washing his armpits, even with just a baby wipe. But again, it is one of those places I didn’t realize since I was more focused on getting my baby dressed so he would stay warm. None the less, this is also an important area to clean frequently to avoid rash.

Area number 4: Toe jam isn’t just an insult we used to use on the playground, it is completely real. Every day, even though my son is not crawling yet, I find dirt between each of those beautiful, tiny toes.
This may be an area you don’t see very well since that adorable baby reflex of gripping your finger with their toes happens. Even if he’s wearing footy pajamas he still gets jam in between those toes.

All of these areas may seem like common sense, but as a first time mom, just getting the hang of things, these areas can go easily missed. So I hope my discovery can help other first time moms.

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