Unexpected Toys

10 “toys” you may already have on hand for your little one

  1. Bowls

     This one is not new. Many children have grown up playing with pots and pans; I happened to receive these bowls as a house-warming gift, and my son prefers them over the ring stacking toy.

  2. Shoes
    Mr. E comes up and takes my shoes off my feet just so he can play with them!
  3. Hangers

    Doing laundry is always a fun affair, especially when my hangers just happen to walk away.

  4. Dining room chairs

    Not only a jungle gym, but Mr. E loves to move all the chairs away from the table. He also likes to sit on the floor just moving them back and forth for the noise of it.

  5. Boxes

    A blessing and a curse: recently our washing machine broke down needing to be replaced, but that box makes a great fort! Mr. E also plays with empty cereal, tissue, and shipping boxes.

  6. Dog Bones (toys)

    Our beloved Fendi only has toys that aren’t easily ripped apart because she eats them. To combat this, we buy her Nylabones which Mr. E picks up, walks around, then gives back to her.

  7. VHS tapes (DVDs)

    Yes this makes a giant mess; once he makes the mess he usually moves onto something else to make a mess of.

  8. Exercise equipment/Yoga mat

    Every time we get ready to work out, Mr. E is there ready to help out- especially when it comes to moving your equipment!

  9. Hardware

    Not everyone has an old furnace damper chain to play with but we do! We also made a hardware board with a springy doorstop and a handle for Mr. E. You can’t go wrong with a good old dowel rod for a walking stick!

  10. Drawers/Cabinets
    Kitchen time is fun time for Mr. E. He loves opening drawers and cabinets to pull out kitchen towels and tools.So before you go out to buy another toy for your toddler, check your cabinets!

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