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Solar Oven tryout in the works

Keeping cool in the desert is definitely a must. And turning on the oven, heating the kitchen up is certainly counter productive when trying to keep an entire house cool.

As you may know, I do love to bake, especially fresh breads to eat with our homemade pasta. Before we moved I had done an article on baking bread in a bread machine verses the oven.

Now with us living in the desert, I’m really looking forward to building a solar oven and try my baking in there. Stayed tuned for my future blogs on building and then cooking in a solar oven! And check out my “review” on the bread machine vs. the oven.

Wow! 25 pounds of flour!

Upon moving to a remote little town, one bar- two churches- a post office, we had to rethink our grocery shopping strategy. Even the nearest fully stocked grocery store is about 20 minutes away. Shopping in bulk became a necessity.

If you told me a few years ago that I would be going through 25 pounds of flour every month, I would have thought you crazy. But here we are, on our way to become more self-sufficient! Not only has our quality of food improved, but also the cost of groceries have gone down. Although it may seem like mere pennies, the cost of sandwich bread ($3-4), hamburger buns ($2-3), brat buns ($3-4), and pasta ($1-3) add up.

Here’s a list¬†all of the things I made with this particular sack of flour.

3 Pizza crusts

4 Pasta Dinners


7 loaves of sandwich bread

48 cupcakes and 1 smash cake

2 double crust pie crusts

5 brat buns

7 Dinner rolls/hamburger buns


Having made all of these items, I have concluded that I can’t go back to buying certain baked goods from the grocery store. Hamburger and brat buns are especially ones that I can’t buy. The time it takes to make them (8 mins kneading, 10 mins rest, shape and rest another 40 mins, 15 in the oven), is well worth the freshness and flavor without added preservatives.