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Distressed furniture- TV stand

When we packed up the moving truck, we realized we needed to get rid of a lot of furniture. One of those pieces was our TV stand. After we got settled in our new house, I scoured a few garage sales to find a new stand and came home with this one (for only $18!)

Before repainting, I only sanded the finish down so that the polyurethane was off the stain. I used an orbital sander for most of it, and hand sanded the decorative channels.

Finished product:

I put two coats of the dark grey on to cover, and then the distressed was added in a silver/white color.

To read more about the technique I used for painting click here.

Overall, I’m really happy with the results- the cost of the whole project was much less than buying brand new. Of course, finding a deal on a piece of furniture you like is the most difficult part. I will definitely try more distressed looks in the future; although not too many that my whole house looks crazy with the look 😉