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My goal of this store is to provide a quality item, and yet support my habit of spinning more yarn than I use. If you have color requests, send me a message so I can spin you something special!!

Examples of items made with my homespun yarn

I hope you enjoy my products, and soon I hope to expand with weavin

g and kits!

All skeins can be wound into center-pull balls before shipping.

Cable knit skirt and headband for 0-3 months

100% bamboo yarn
Colors: Lavender with purple, green, and pink accents

Only 2 sets left available.$8 a set
Pattern credit: Melody Rogers ( with alterations by me.

Orchard Stroll- $27.00

Orchard Stroll is a soft merino wool that will take you on a journey through pinks, reds, and greens. This yarn will make your next project feel like spring with flowering trees.

Two ply, DK-Light weight 3
Yardage- 374
Recommended needle size: Knitting (US 5-6) Crochet Hook (F)


Metallic Blue- $26.00

This is a Merino/Tencel blend that is a silvery blue. It is luxuriously soft, and the metallic color would look great in an outwear garment. The total yardage is between two skeins.

Two ply, DK Light 3
Yardage: 292
Recommended needle size: Knitting (US 5-6) Crochet Hook (F)


Purple Rain- $17.00

I over plied the separate threads which adds a bit of twist making this yarn energetic. I love the different hues in this skein. When I was spinning this Targhee wool, I was imagining a hat for fall.

Two ply, Worsted Bulky 5
Yardage: 112
Recommended Needle size: Knitting (US 9-11) Crochet Hook (K-M)


Hen House- $26.00

Perfect for any Autumn project you have. Hen House’s colors are red, yellow, and orange Wendsleydale wool. The yarn is thinner so this would be great for fall decorations!

Two ply, Worsted 3-4
Yardage: 115
Recommended Needle sizes: Knitting (US 9) Crochet Hook (I-K)


Burgundy Bliss: $17.00

The wool is Merino and is red with greens and blues as accents. It is very soft and easy to work with. I used some in crochet projects. Even though the recommended hook size says M, I have used an H hook with this yarn in some of my projects.

There are two separate sizes of this yarn:
Two ply, DK Light 3
Yardage: 252
Recommended Needle Size: Knitting (US 5-6) Crochet Hook (F)

Two ply, Super Bulky 6
Yardage: 180
Recommended Needle Size: Knitting( US 11) Crochet Hook (M or Larger)


Autumn Harvest- $12.00

This skein contains Merino in the Light Brown and Red, and the Brown is wool but I don’t remember which breed it is from. It was one of my first skeins that I was getting more consistent, but there are spots that have thicker or thinner parts. It would be great for a hat, scarf, or pair of gloves since it is a bit thicker.

Three ply, Worsted Medium 4
Yardage: 100
Recommended Needle Size: Knitting (US 7-9) Crochet Hook (I-K)


Inferno Merino- $18.00

This skein has a beautiful mixture of light and dark reds. The chain ply technique gives it a different look than normal commercial skeins. The ply technique creates a round yarn that is easy to work with for beginning crafters while still making a strong weave. This is an energized yarn.

Three ply (chain) Medium Worsted 4
Yardage: 212 yards
Recommended needle size: Knitting (US 7-9) Crochet Hook (G-H)


Amethyst Merino- $35.00

This beautiful yarn has hints of red and blue that help make the amethyst color pop. The wool is soft and glides through the fingers while working on a project.

Two ply, DK Light 3
Yardage: 495
Recommended needle size: Knitting (US 5-6) Crochet Hook (F)

Red and White Delight- $22.00

This lovely combination of red Merino and white Polworth wool makes a beautiful skein, and will bring life to your next project.

Two ply, Bulky 6
Yardage- 200
Recommended needle size: Knitting (US 11 and up) Crochet Hook (K-M and up)


Bubbly Red/White Delight- $18.00

This whimsical bubbly yarn will give your next project a fascinating texture. The wool used in this skein is 2 strands of red Merino, and 1 strand of white Polworth.

Three ply, Worsted 4
Yardage- 100
Recommended needle size: Knitting (US 7-9) Crochet Hook (G-H)


Orange Tango-$15.00

This skein is in the grease which means the lanolin is still in the wool. One strand is orange merino wool and the other strand is white Wensleydale. Both kinds of wool were fun to spin, and it was a new experience for me to spin in the grease. If you would like this skein without the lanolin, send me a message and I can wash it for you before shipping.

Two ply, DK Light 3
Yardage- 100
Recommended needle size: Knitting (US 4-6) Crochet Hook (E-F)


Cotsworth Grey- $10.00

Cotsworth is a rougher wool, but the longer hairs give this yarn an interesting texture.

Two ply, Bulky 6
Yardage: 100
Recommended needle size: Knitting (US 11 and up) Crochet (M and up)


Teacup Pincushion- $12.00

This handmade pincushion is versatile for your avid sewers or tea and coffee drinkers. The yarn used in this gift is hand-spun by me, and is 100% Merino Wool. It is a little bigger than a real teacup, but still fits perfectly in your hand. If you have specific colors you would like, just send me a message.

Teacup colors available:
Solid blue with white stars (1 in stock)- 

Solid white with blue stars (1 in stock)-

Solid green with white trim (1 in stock)- 

Solid white with green trim (1 in stock)- 


Coffee cup comes plain white or monogram can be added.

Coffee cup: (1 in stock)