Spring is coming, time to get ready!

Spring is right around the corner! Only 4 more days until the official start of spring, so this means it’s time to get our gardening butts in gear.

Last year we didn’t get the harvesting/yield we had envisioned. With our baby just being born- he turns 1 next month, AHH!- and not knowing where the sun would be best on our new property, we just didn’t have it all together. Also, the cucumber seeds went rogue slipping down between the refrigerator and the counter.

Our corn was made into a bed for some deer during a thunderstorm.

Half of the garden was shaded by two trees and the weeds were out of control most of the year. So new plans are in place to optimize our harvest. We have designated a place in our pasture for 4 raised garden beds, and we are also getting 6 grapevines that will be in the same area.

Plenty of sunshine to go around out there!

Our seeds came in the mail early this week from Seeds Savers Exchange. We selected this company because they support heirloom and heritage breeds that seeds can be harvested and replanted. http://www.seedsavers.org/mission.

Our selection this year consists of: Federle tomatoes (1st generation and 2nd generation that we harvested last year), Ausilio Thin Skin Italian peppers, Blacktail Mountain watermelon, Hubbard squash, Red Swan beans, Ireland Creek Annie beans, and -the most exciting- True Lemon cucumbers. Everything but the tomatoes and peppers are direct sow and won’t be started indoors.

The set up we have is a wire rack, plastic planters, seed starting heat pad, and a hanging compact fluorescent grow light that can be lowered or raised for plant height. Until the plants are ready to move outside, they reside in an upstairs bedroom (that needs renovation).

New updates to come as we continue working on our little homestead!

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