Beginning a natural windbreaker

The 2016-2017 winter season in the Midwest was very mild compared to past seasons. You can’t beat 60 degrees in March!  When we did get those showers, we had a snow dune landscape that was beautifully annoying.

The dreary graveyard of corn stalks to our west left our driveway unprotected from the cold blowing winds.

And even though the extra steps helped me reach my Fitbit goals faster, the strength and effort required for breaking through the frozen tundra was tiring.

Solution: we need a windbreak along the driveway!

And what better way to make a windbreak , than to propagate those bushes !

So now in March I clipped some of the canes (aka- branches) that had a green core and some starting buds.

Using our food compost mixed with droppings from our lovely chickens, we placed them in plastic planters.

This coming winter, we know our windbreaker may not be grown enough to stop the rolling sea of snow, but maybe within 2 years we will have our natural snow fence.

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