Flower Pot Fail

I need a bigger pot!

How many times has this happened to you starting seedlings in the house. The frost warnings are finally dwindling, and your seedlings are growing like weeds.

Their roots are tangling up with each other, and you have no larger pots in your house.

What you do have is a bunch of shredded paper, flour, and warm water!

So the idea pops into your head, hey those pots I buy from the hardware store are just pressed paper right, so why not make papier-mache pots and save yourself the trip and the money!

Well, we did that and here’s our story….

Making normal papier-mache with paper, flour, and water we began.
shredded paper
flour addingmixing

Using pint glasses upside down as our mold, we squashed our homemade papier-mache onto the glass.
forming 2 We ended up having too much water and needing to squeeze the excess out before pasting it to what we already had on the glass.

Also, the paper started to slip down the glass while we were trying to add more so the next handful must be added carefully.
forming 3DSC05891

The completed pots weren’t drying fast enough so we put them in the oven at the lowest temperature setting possible, and they sat in there for over an hour.
The finally finished pots were looking great so we transplanted our growing tomatoes.
finished 2finished 3
And because these pots were taking their sweet time to dry we made other pots by rolling ads around a soup can and crushing the bottom up.
planting 1
If you decide to try this method for making pots, STOP YOURSELF!

After a few weeks the pots themselves started to mold because of the flour, which we then think spread to our plants and made the top floor of our house reek! We tried putting cinnamon on the plants to stop the mold, but by the time we could get out to the garden to plant, the seedlings were no longer viable.

While we may have saved money, we certainly did not save time and effort. Lesson Learned!

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