Eggcellent Farm Fresh Eggs

If you have been on the fence (farming pun intended!) about starting your own flock of backyard beauties or spending the extra dough on free range/fresh eggs, here are a few benefits I have noticed since having my chickens.

        Tangible reasons

    • It takes fewer eggs to feel full: toad in a hole is my favorite egg breakfast, and before my chickens started laying I could easily eat 2 and still be hungry. Now with my fresh eggs, I have a hard time eating 2 toad holes.

This is a comparison of my eggs vs. grocery store (white egg).

  • Hard boiled eggs seem easier to peel: The membrane between the egg shell and the egg white seems a lot stronger with fresh eggs than factory-farmed eggs. So if hardboiled eggs have been the bane of your egg salad sandwiches, take heart if you cool them down enough to peel them right away that helps too!
  • Leave them on the counter: If you get eggs from your coop or your neighbor unwashed, they can stay out on the counter. There is a natural protective cover on the egg (called bloom) that helps keep them fresh. I wash my eggs right before I use them.
  • Creamy, richness: The yolks in fresh eggs are a dark, almost orange, color. When we ate factory-farmed and fresh eggs in a side-by-side comparison, the fresh egg had a rich flavor with an extremely creamy yolk.

    Intangible Reasons

  • Knowing where your eggs are coming from: It is a relief to know what is going into my chickens’ bellies and onto my plate. Even when buying from the store, just having the peace of mind that the animals you are benefiting from are raised humanely is refreshing.
  • Helping support your local farmer/economy: Your community flourishes when you buy from local small business!There are more benefits to having the chickens themselves, but I think that is another post! Happy homesteading!

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