Escape Goat

It finally happened! Our black goat has escaped the electric fence; surprisingly it took him 3 months.

Goats are notorious for getting out of their pens. In the wild goats climb trees to get tender leaves. My goats love when we cut off little saplings as treats. We converted our horse fence to keep our two goats inside. But of course my curious and more friendly goat, decided it was time to see if that grass really is greener on the other side.

Leaving the house to walk to the bar, we noticed our goat running to us expecting some maple leaves. He escaped the enclosure three times, and made a visit to our neighbor’s house while we were gone.

This was a problem; I don’t think everyone in town would be as good-humored about wild goats roaming around as my neighbor. I had to do something!

After putting him back in, I hid behind a tree to spy on him, and that little stinker just leapt through the wires in the corner. The electric shock doesn’t affect you unless you are touching the ground. So I added more electric wire to form a net on the lines he was jumping through.

Again, I walked away, but watched him investigating the corner. Within 15 minutes, he slipped underneath all of the wiring in that corner.

This time the escape artist was in for a surprise visit with a curious Fendi! She scared him so much that he tried to push under the gate back into the pasture- she was just sniffing his butt wondering what kind of dog smells like that.

Seeing that my netting wasn’t going to keep him in, I moved some T-posts from the garden and placed some chicken wire, just in the corner he kept going through.

So far it has kept him in…. I am hoping that he doesn’t think to try the rest of the fence.

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