Dyeing to share this with you- Part 1

I have been spinning yarn for a few years now. I have done some of the processing of wool, and my next experiment in the world of fiber is with natural dyeing techniques.
I plan to start with modern natural dyeing, but I am also going to research 18th century techniques since my husband and I reenact the Revolutionary War.

I am going to try the dyeing technique in this book, Harvesting Color: How to find plants and make natural dyes by Rebecca Burgess.
harvesting color

In the book, Ms. Burgess talks about harvesting wild plants from your area; so this season I plan to cull from our unused part of the pasture. I did notice certain plant flowering that may be useful, and hopefully with the help of my father I will be able to identify them and get some dyes brewing.

I have also been saving onion skins, but I have heard that a ginormous amount of onion skins are required for a great yellow color. So I’ll keep you posted this spring when I get my first set of wild flowers in!

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