Cupcake baking 180

This post subject has just done a 180 turn.

In preparation for my son’s 1st birthday, I plan to make decorated cupcakes without using a box mix.

I made these for Easter a few years ago.

The first time I tried a white cake recipe, the finished cupcakes were super dense and crumbly rather than moist.  For this post I was going to try several recipes and report my findings.

So after trying just two batches of cupcakes, I have noted a few things:

  1. On most blog recipes I have read- the author has been searching forever for that perfect recipe. I am on the fence between wanting something easy and wanting to take the long road (i.e. I want to make cupcakes from scratch instead of using a box mix, but I don’t want to spend hours and hours looking for that perfect recipe). The moment you type “Vanilla cupcake recipe” into the search bar, about 1,900,000 results show up boasting of perfection. If it tastes good, than great; if my husband says it could be better, then I’ll look for a different recipe or how to tweak it.
  2. My cookbooks are perfectly functional.  Open that cupboard to the left of the fridge and what do you see? About 12-20 cookbooks, and guess what- amongst them are a few dozen cake recipes that were published into print! I tried two recipes from The Better Homes and Gardens cook book: the white cake one ended up tasting more like corn bread (more than likely due to using shortening instead of butter), and the yellow cake recipe turned out great. Moist, delicious, like a cupcake.
  3. Most of the recipes are all the same ingredients. There have been those few that have slightly different ingredients: one recipe says to mix from scratch and the box mix and one says to use cake flour instead of all purpose flour with oil instead of butter. Both of these are on Pinterest with over 20k pins. Both of these recipes would require me to go out and buy things that aren’t in my pantry already.

    In conclusion: I think the yellow cake recipe from BHG cookbook will serve it’s purpose which is the following: the point of a cupcake is to increase the ratio of frosting to cake; it is the vessel upon which more delicious frosting can be consumed.


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