Chicken Tractor for Meat Birds

Chicken Tractor

May 5, 2016

We are expecting to pick up our chickens today. We are getting 10 meat chickens to butcher at the end of summer, and 5 Speckled Sussex laying hens.

Since we have our nice large piece of property, we wanted a cage that could be moved around for the Cornish meat birds. This way they can eat the bugs in one section of grass to help supplement feed we give them. We are hoping this method will cut back our cost on feed.

We built a chicken tractor. The dimensions are 3X10. After purchasing 6- 2X4X10 boards, we kept 4 of them intact to  frame the cage. The other two, we cut down as the sides and used the extras as reinforcement. Again we used the brad gun, and screws to put the cage together. The covered shelter area was built out of spare wood from two old useless cabinet we found in our basement. We added a hinged lid for easy access to the chickens.

In order to keep the wood from rotting, I used the left over paint from the bookshelf to cover the cage.

tractor 2

Originally we were going to use the black plastic fencing (salvaged from our garden two years ago) to cover the cage, but we decided to use proper chicken wire because while we unrolled the plastic we found holes bitten out by the squirrels. Using a staple gun, we attached the chicken wire, and used the brad gun to attach extra wood on the top to reinforce the wire.
tractor 4

To hopefully help deter predators, we draped the chicken wire down further than the cage with the cut edge sticking up a bit.
tractor 6

The only things we have left to do before we can put the meat birds in are to possibly add wheels and handles (like a wheel barrow) to aid in moving the cage around the yard, and to set up our water and feed so that we hopefully don’t have to open the cage all the time to refill. I will update with a final picture when it’s all put together.

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