Baby Wipes Recipe Number 1

Baby wipes recipe number 1

May 8, 2016

We finally welcomed our new addition to the family. He arrived at 40 weeks 1 day, perfectly on time.

In the weeks before he came, I was trying to prepare some homemade things for him. My goal with going homemade was to cut down some costs of having a baby. So to Pinterest I flocked to look up recipes on one of the most used items- baby wipes.

I plan to try several different recipes for homemade baby wipes, and see how the baby does with them and how I like using them.

The first set of wipes I have made come from . I like these wipes better than commercially made ones because these aren’t completely drenched. Using these homemade wipes, by the time the next diaper is supposed to go on, he is dry and I don’t have to be as concerned about diaper rash.

I ended up cutting the recipe in half since we weren’t sure when my baby would come. I like that the recipe calls to add tea tree oil to prevent mold, but it also adds that nice clean smell. I did use baby oil and baby wash.

One thing that was difficult and took a lot of effort was cutting that roll of paper towel in half with a large bread knife. The second time I had to cut the roll of paper towels, I used a bread knife with smaller teeth and that worked a lot better.

The only thing I need to keep remembering is to close the lid of the box before putting the baby down and going back to bed!


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