Our adventure transplanting bushes

Gramma’s getting ready to sell the house!!
Of course, that means we have to go “steal” those red currant and gooseberry bushes, as well as three, huge rhubarb plants.

But how to get 7 bushes moved 50 miles??

A good way to start is with a truck, luckily we had traded the jeep for a dual wheel truck.

So let’s get to it….

We started by tying up the bushes with twine to make it easier to move around them.

We dug a large radius around the bushes as best we could- about 6 inches- but the bushes had grown so large that many of the roots underneath were tangled.

It took digging down about 8 inches and pulling out quite a bit of dirt to loosen the root system while (hopefully) preserving enough of the roots to survive the move. It helped to have two people to get shovels under the bush on both sides to help get the bush out of the dirt.
We put the bushes into individual garbage bags to move them (if moving gooseberry bushes-beware the thorns!)

Once getting back out to our farm-to-be, we mowed down some of the pasture to plant the bushes where we get more sun during the day.
This area requires constant mowing to keep the pasture grass down, and we used mulch to help keep the area around each bush clear. We used 8 bags (3 cubic meters each) to cover the 5 red currant bushes and 2 gooseberry bushes.
The gooseberry bushes we put next to our growing Elderberry bushes.


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